September 12, 2013

Das Buch der neuen Pop-Musik

I mentioned him before: Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. For some he was the guru of krautrock, for others a crook. Whatever, without him cosmic music would not have been so cosmic.

Before he got known as a record label boss and producer, Kaiser worked as a journalist. At the end of the 1960s he published a range of books about rock music. They're all out of print and it's unlikely they will ever be reprinted, if the rumours about Kaiser's mental state are true.

You can imagine I just felt lucky when I bumped into a Dutch translation of the originally German Das Buch der neuen Pop-Musik (De nieuwe popmuziek in Dutch).

I don't believe it has ever been translated to English. Kaiser was German but a regular contributor to the Dutch Aloha magazine.

See the pic of my copy - which clearly has remained unread since its publication in 1970.
The cover - with a generation conflict and the inevitable flowers on the front - promises a book that follows the "enormous battle" between the "various camps in the world of entertainment". I have a feeling I will, more than once, encounter words like commercial, capitalism and underground when I start reading.

I will write about it on this blog later. So you know whether to buy it or not, just in case you find a copy one day (and know German or Dutch, like I do).

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